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When Carlos Guan founded Paper Communication Electronics in 2000, he met a talented team, most of whom are still working for XUNTONG for nearly 20 years, and many others have been working in the company for more than 10 years. We think this shows that Who we are and what we do is how we do it. Integrity: We are based on the principles of this glorious industry. Our industry is a highly competitive industry. Our work follows the principles of authenticity and transparency, and we cherish the trust-based relationships that we have built over the years. We have been in this work for a long time, and we are proud of the many lasting relationships that make our daily business so satisfying. Fair competition and ethical principles govern everything we do, not just to satisfy the best interests of our customers and the communities they serve. , And this is the correct approach. Timeliness: We have fast product production procedures. As a private company, we are able to grow rapidly. When we hear the needs of our customers, discover market trends or become aware of new technologies, we will take action. We do not need to consult shareholders, nor do we need to spend a lot of redemption and A plan can be launched within months of approval. We are always ready for any situation. We are a closely connected, agile team. This means less risk for our customers, because our coordination allows us to form a solid and stable organization instead of re-specifying drawings or spending time Train new employees. We are proud of our relationships with customers and each other. Quality: This is the criterion of our company's progress. Our numerous products have certified the unparalleled quality of our products. Unlike most competitors, we stick to every process of the first line. From raw materials to outbound inspection, most of our products are manufactured by us. But that's not all. We don't just deliver products. Our belief is: don't let our customers have any dissatisfaction in use. We believe that it is this spirit that provides services to customers in the industry. We do this Feel proud.

Customer-centric: We not only provide our customers with high-quality products, but also provide our customers with a complete set of service programs.
As a private company, we only serve our customers, not our shareholders. Our commitment to customers and their customers: everything in the past is the performance of our integrity, everything in the future is our service to every customer . We work with customers around the world to focus on solutions that consider sustainability and diversity when solving community problems, while enhancing and expanding its unique product chain. All of this is to enable end users to benefit from easier product sourcing and More assured product use.

Innovation: We never stand still.
The signal transmission industry is developing rapidly, and is experiencing better, faster and more comprehensive technological progress. This is where we started, and this is the direction we have been striving for. We will never escape any customer’s doubts, nor have we ever wanted to Through changing our commitments. When we do not have products that meet the exact needs of our customers, we will have a better understanding of their needs, so as to understand their needs exactly, discuss with our engineers and give us the best possible . We must not only keep up with the pace of development, but also maintain an attitude of learning. We follow industry standards, so we always pay attention to what is about to happen, and make the best greet according to the upcoming changes.
Carlos Guan founded Paper Communication Electronics in 2000, and his vision has always been the development direction of today's company.
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