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Social responsibility
From sustainable manufacturing certification and packaging, to supply chain synergy and factory operations, Paper Communication Electronics is firmly committed to becoming a strong social citizen and a responsible environmental manager. XUNTONG adheres to strict requirements to create a better tomorrow World and provide customers with products that they feel good about.

Sustainable packaging
XUNTONG consciously chooses environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging bags and cartons for its products. This can reduce waste.
Efficient supply chain XUNTONG completely has more product lines and product chains. Customers do not need to contact different suppliers when purchasing different goods. They only need to inform XUNTONG of their needs. We can help you complete all orders at once and reduce customer purchases. At the same time, XUNTONG can also solve all the problems by XUNTONG in the later after-sales.

Green factory operation

Since XUNTONG is a manufacturing company, it has strict control over the raw materials of its products. The production process has also undergone many negotiations. At the same time, it is determined not to add harmful substances to its products. XUNTONG always uses these in all operations. Standards, sometimes higher operating costs are required to improve efficiency, stay close to new standards, and become a socially responsible citizen in the world.
Supplier diversity

XUNTONG is committed to finding and negotiating qualified suppliers. In order to provide higher quality products, all business aspects are strictly screened. We benefit from the diversity of employees, customers and suppliers. Our policy believes that the minority Americans, women, veterans and veterans with service disabilities, people with disabilities, and all businesses around the world, we can provide you with better ways to cooperate.

Understand the importance of diversification and are firmly committed to diversifying and developing the broad interests of the supplier group. We continue to look for and encourage diversified opportunities to strengthen the growth of our supply chain and provide all of our current and potential supply XUNTONG welcomes those who wish to establish a supply relationship together and encourages everyone to contact us to explore potential business opportunities.
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