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XUNTONG Electronics was established in 2000 and is located in Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The initial scale was small. It only had two initial manual machines, and did simple product processing for some customers. The original vision of the founder Carlos Guan was Find a job for yourself. Since our establishment, we have accepted thousands of large and small orders from companies. When we found that the industry was occupied by some low-quality products and prices, we decided to make choices for our customers, and we gave up more Instead of ordering cheap goods, we choose the supply of high-quality products. We firmly believe that every customer's purchase is not only for cheap, but also needs a good experience or better signal transmission guarantee. This vision has prompted Our particularity has also played a vital role in guiding the leading ideas of our company.
In the past 20 years, XUNTONG has supplied a large number of products, these products are continued "high quality, good experience". That is to use the optical fiber or coaxial cable connector for signal transmission, through the main trunk line to download or The uploaded product will eventually enter the user's company or family. XUNTONG has established a long-term service and innovation plan through far-sighted and planned negotiations. And we have brought these products that continue our vision into the world.

 ·   More than 200 full-time or part-time employees
  We have about 30 fully automatic machines, about 50 CNC machines, and other supporting machines.   ·Proficiently produce or customize more than 3000 different products

Our success is due to consistency, focusing on the following results: We have developed so far because we have always adhered to the original vision:   Serving our customers, we cooperate with customers to provide the high-quality products they need. We look forward to and happy with customers, better and more suitable products, in order to better serve customers, so as to achieve a better The future. We use every product supply to show our customers our full power and always maintain the quality of our products. Stick to our vision. Every day, our work is guided by what is most important to us:
Honest, transparent and fair treatment.
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